Is Office Sickness Reducing Productivity? What To Know To Kill The Germs

If your staff is burning through their sick days and the amount of illnesses going around the office is starting to affect your company productivity, it's time to consider changing the way you sanitize the building. You don't want your staff passing the same germs around to each other, and offering a flu vaccine isn't always enough to keep everyone healthy. Here are a few of the changes you want to consider making or people you want to hire to have a healthier staff and workspace.

Air Purification

A commercial size air purification machine or multiple machines throughout the building can help eliminate the airborne cold and flu viruses and keep bacteria from spreading throughout the workplace. Not only can this prevent sickness, but the purification machine removes dust, dander, and other allergens that can trigger asthma or allergy problems for your staff. An HVAC company may be able to attach a unit onto the furnace for additional purification.

Janitorial Services

Routine sanitizing and janitorial cleaning services are needed to clean all the surfaces throughout the building. The desks, keyboards, door handles and communal areas all need to be sanitized regularly to stop bacteria from spreading and infecting everyone. Find a company that has experience with cleaning electronics and large office spaces, and look over the antibacterial products they use to ensure they are sufficient for the job you need performed.

UV Lighting

UV lighting can be used throughout the office, or in targeted areas where germs are common, to kill bacteria in the air and on surfaces. This is going to help eliminate the germs that the air purifier and janitors miss. Consult an installation company to see where the lights are the most effective in the space, and how the lights can help reduce sickness in your office.

Once you make these changes, talk with your staff about healthy habits and how to avoid catching or spreading germs throughout the office space, to make sure everyone is doing their best to end the sickness. Hand sanitizing stations aren't always enough to get people to clean their hands; you may want to make it a requirement when they walk in the building for the day or when they return from lunch. If your business is starting to suffer because your staff isn't staying healthy and you can't get rid of the germs, call the professionals and get your space cleaned.