How To Clean And Seal Tile Floors

Tile floors are durable, waterproof and obviously very stylish. But, they do need to be maintained in order to protect their structural integrity and style. Many people clean their tile with a basic soap scum removing formula. This is obviously a good thing, but it is not enough if you want long term protection. The key to maintaining a tile surface, especially one that gets wet all the time like in a bathroom or kitchen, is to keep it sealed. Special tile sealant also serves as a cleaner. This article explains how and when to reseal a tile surface.

When to Clean and Seal

First, you should continue with your day-to-day cleaning of your tile. Clean up spills as soon as possible and try to fight soap scum and grime in the grout lines. However, once every year or so, you should reseal the tile. There are no set rules, but tile inside a shower will obviously need to be resealed more often than tile in a hallway. Tile sealant is expensive, but vital.

How to Apply Tile Sealant

Tile sealant is pretty simple to use, but the job can be messy. First of all, don't wear any clothes that you care about. Before you begin, thoroughly vacuum the room and make sure you have done your best to scrub off any soap scum, mold or grime. Once the floor is clean, you basically pour the sealant directly onto the floor. Then, using lint-free rags, spread it around. Make sure you get ample coverage on the grout lines. The grout lines are the biggest problem area because they are more porous and more susceptible to water damage and mold formation. You will then need to use some dry rags to wipe up all of the sealant after it has soaked in for a few minutes. Refer to the instructions on the bottle for the exact amount of time that you should allow the sealant to soak. You should probably stay off of the tile for a full day before resuming normal usage.

You will almost always want to apply at least two coats of sealant for greater protection. This is a simple process, but it should not be neglected, especially in a wet bathroom setting. Even though tile sealant is expensive, it will ultimately save you money because you will not need to clean your tile floors as often. If  your tile needs a deep clean before it can be sealed, contact a company like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance.