3 Important Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the keys to making sure the interior of your home looks as good as new is making sure that your carpet is as clean as a whistle. Although making sure your carpet looks good at all times can be a difficult task, it is far from impossible. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few ways to keep your carpet clean.

Deep Cleaning

It's important to deep clean your carpet on a regular basis in order for it to look almost as good as new. Steam cleaners are available for rental at numerous vacuum and hardware stores throughout the country, and they do a fantastic job of deep cleaning. The process revolves around a cleaning solution being forced deep into the recesses of your carpet through a water jet. The machine then sucks the solution back inside of itself after the solution has soaked up all of the debris and dirt that has embedded itself deep into your carpet. This is a great way to get rid of deep stains, like those left behind by grease and oil.

Blot Stains

Whenever you are cleaning stains, always make sure that you blot the offending area, and do not rub it. Rubbing the stain can cause you to rub the offending material deeper into the recesses of the carpet, effectively exacerbating the effects of the stain rather than removing it. Blotting involves using a clean cloth with a small amount of cleaning solution on it. Simply put a bit of pressure on the stain in question, and always blot into the stain, never outward. By blotting outward, you risk smearing the stain and spreading it from one controlled area to a wider area on your carpet.

Getting Rid of Smashed Candy

Candy can be a difficult object to remove from your carpet, especially if it has been smashed or embedded into the carpet itself. First, attempt to scrape up the smashed candy with a butter knife. Afterwards, remove any pieces of the candy that remain by blotting with a sponge that has been soaked in water with a bit of soap.

Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how to go about carpet cleaning. If there is any job that you feel as if may be too much of a Herculean task for you to handle, it is recommended that you call on the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.