Four Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Renters

If you are renting an apartment or home, you might be stuck with the carpeting that is provided. This doesn't mean that you won't be on the hook for extensive wear and tear while living in your rental. There are a few strategies that you can use to protect yourself from being on the hook for carpet damages and ways to keep carpeting as nice as possible. Here are four tips when it comes to carpets in a rental situation.

1. Assess and Take Pictures on Move In

While your carpeting might have some wear and tear when you first move in, don't assume that your landlord will remember this when you move out. Take pictures of any staining or wear and tear so that you will have proof when you move out of carpet damages. This will be a clear indicator of carpet issues that you may have caused, and more importantly, ones that you did not.

2. Put Down Area Rugs

If there are areas of your carpeting that are either stained or beginning to wear down, a quick fix can be putting down area rugs. If you know that your landlord isn't going to replace older carpets, you can at least find a way to live with what you have and not make the situation worse. Rugs will hide existing stains and will keep worn down areas from showing more use.

3. Shoes-Off Policy

On the other hand, if you have moved into a home with pristine carpeting, you will most likely be expected to try to maintain this look while renting. If you can establish a 'shoes off' policy in your home, your family and friends will be less likely to track in dirt and grime from the outdoors onto the carpets in your rental property. While some level of wear and tear will be expected, if you can keep this to a minimum, you will be more likely to get back your deposit on move out.

4. Carpet Cleaning When Moving Out

While it might feel like a drag, it can save you money and may expected that you have your carpets professionally cleaned upon move out. It might be easiest to hire a carpet cleaning service (like Darling's Carpet & Floor Care or a similar location) to come and quickly do the job after you have moved furnishings and housewares out of your home. It is a good idea to check with your landlord first, in case they are replacing the carpets and you can leave as-is.

While you might not feel fully responsible for carpeting in a home that you are renting, the more effort you can put into maintaining cleanliness and avoiding damages the better. This can help you get back your deposit and can make dealing with your landlord less contentious. Even if your carpeting has seen better years, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try your best to keep this clean and free from wear and tear on your watch.