3 Tips To Reduce Vacuuming Chores And Keep Carpets Cleaner All Year Long

If running the vacuum cleaner is one of your family's least favorite chores, it might be time to consider adopting some changes that will help keep carpeting cleaner longer, drastically reducing the time that must be devoted to vacuuming.

One: Opt for a Shoeless Home

Since the dirt and dust that ends up on your shoes ultimately ends up in your carpeting, it makes sense to consider becoming a "No Shoes" home. To do this with courtesy for both family and friends, you will need to both give guests and family members an extended warning of the coming change.

You will also need to provide a comfortable place for them to sit down and remove their shoes. This could be near any entry that is convenient, such as the front entry way, mudroom or in the garage. The shoe changing area should be furnished with a sturdy, comfortable bench or a couple of chairs that will allow guests to comfortably sit to remove their shoes. A shelf, storage ottoman or some other type of storage solution should be available to place their shoes in until the visit it over.

While family members may be perfectly comfortable running around barefoot or in their socks, you guests may not. To help them feel more comfortable, consider keeping a stock of disposable booties available for them to wear while in your home.

Two: Become a Pet-Free Home or Pet-Limited Home

Even the most devoted pet lovers will admit that a great deal of their vacuuming chores are due to pet hair and dirt that their dog or cat brings into the home on their paws or coat. If vacuuming is really something you detest and you want to avoid it as much as possible, consider becoming a pet-free home, or at least limiting your pet to certain areas of the home, such as those that are not carpeted. 

Three: Invest in a Robotic Vacuum

Another option that can greatly reduce the time you or a family member must spend vacuuming is to invest in a robotic vacuum. These appliances are relatively inexpensive and work quietly in the background, even when you are at work or school. They can be moved to a different room or area each day to keep up with most of the vacuuming chores. (When using robotic vacuums, make sure that fringe, string, drapery cords, etc. are kept up off the floor so they will not be sucked into the appliance.)

In addition to taking the above steps to reduce the amount of dirt and dust your carpeting is exposed to, consider having your home's carpets professionally cleaned each year to help remove odors and stains and extend their lifespan. Contact a cleaning company, like A Clean Slate or a similar location, for more tips and info.