What To Do After A Sewage Backup In Your Home

Having your sewage system back up into your home can be a nightmare, but knowing which steps to take to clean and repair the damage will help to make the recovery process go a bit more smoothly. There are some things you can do on your own to help clean up the damage, and a local water damage cleanup service can help you with the bigger issues. Here are just a few things to think about as you prepare to clean your home after a sewage backup.

Protect Yourself

Sewage can carry with it a range of diseases, so it is important you take the proper precautions to protect yourself during the cleanup process. Wear clothing that can be thrown out after you are done cleaning up to prevent your washing machine from becoming dirty, and invest in a pair of rubber boots to protect your feet as you walk through the home. Wear rubber gloves at all times as you clean, and cover any cuts or scrapes on your skin with bandages to prevent germs from entering the wounds. Everyone working inside the home should wear a face mask to prevent inhaling any airborne contaminants while cleaning. Make sure that everyone washes their hands thoroughly after cleaning, and keep a supply of hand santizer available for use as well. 

Throw Out Fabrics And Upholstered Items

Carpets, clothing, drapes and stuffed animals should be removed from the home. Your water damage cleaning company can help you to determine if other items, such as furniture, are salvageable. If you prefer to start the cleanup process before the cleaning company comes in, let them know you have items that need to be disposed of. The company can haul the items away so they don't sit in your trash cans until garbage pickup day. Place all items being thrown out into heavy-duty trash bags to minimize any messes or contamination outside of your home.

Sanitize Floors, Walls And Counters

Sanitizing floors, walls and counters is essential, particularly if you had any sewage in your kitchen. You can begin the process by using a simple solution of bleach and hot water. If you use mops and sponges, be sure to completely sanitize them after each use, otherwise you will simply be spreading the contamination throughout the space. You may want to consider using disposable sponges and mops to make the cleaning process easier. Your water damage cleanup company can also handle sanitizing the space so you don't have to. The company can also sanitize dishes, bakeware, cookware and drinkware for you.

Throw Out Food

Whether your food came into direct contact with the sewage or not, you should throw away any food or beverage containers in your home. This also includes pet food, which can also become contaminated. Once your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator are cleaned out, wait until your water damage cleanup company gives you the all-clear to use the kitchen before restocking your food supply.

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