Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Brand new carpet can look amazing on the floors of a home, but as time goes on it tends to get stained and dirty, especially if the proper care isn't taken. Following a few simple steps can help a homeowner keep that carpet looking its best for as long as possible.

Clean It Regularly

Dirt not only looks unattractive, it also damages the carpet fibers as it's walked on over and over. Take steps to limit the amount of dirt that comes into contact with the carpet and the amount of time it spends there. Put mats at the doors to wipe off feet, have people remove their shoes and vacuum regularly. Vacuuming slowly helps get rid of more dirt than moving the vacuum more quickly, so take your time and don't rush.

Don't Let Spills Linger

Don't let stains sit any longer than necessary, as this gives them more of a chance to set and makes it harder to get rid of them. Sometimes if you get to a spill right away it can be simply blotted up with a damp cloth, but other stains do best with specific cleaning agents. Although it may be tempting to use soap on stains, this actually isn't always the best idea, as it can be hard to get all of the soap back out of the carpet and any left behind will leave a darker spot. One unusual but potentially effective stain remover is to take a small amount of shaving cream, let it soak into the stain for about half an hour and then blot -- don't rub -- the stain with a clean, light-colored towel.

Going the Extra Mile

Even with all your best efforts, you're probably not going to get the carpet perfectly clean. Hiring carpet cleaning services once or twice a year can help deep clean the carpet and get anything that you miss. This will help the carpet last longer and look great year after year. While it's possible to rent a carpet cleaner and attempt this process yourself, it isn't likely to get the carpet as clean as using professionals with more specialized equipment and training. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, opt for one with a more comprehensive service that actually takes a look at the carpet first to see what needs to be done before quoting a price rather than simply choosing the one with the lowest price. These services are more likely to do a more thorough job and treat stains individually before giving the whole carpet an overall cleaning, leading to a better overall result.