6 Carpet Care Tips For Multiple-Dog Households

Most dog owners are familiar with the struggles of keeping carpets clean and fresh-smelling. In households with multiple dogs, it can be even more of a challenge to save the carpets from stains, hair, and dirt, as well as the "doggie smell" that can embed itself in carpeting. If you have more than one dog or are considering bringing a second dog home, here are some tips to help keep your carpets clean.

1. Consider crate training.

Accidents are inevitable, especially when a dog is in a new environment, is nervous around the other dog or simply hasn't figured out the new routine. Not only does the lingering odor from past accidents tell dogs that this is the spot to "go", but introducing a new dog can encourage both of them to mark new territories by urinating. Crate training can help prevent many new urine stains.

2. Invest in a quality vacuum.

More dogs mean more vacuuming, and you need a vacuum that not only picks up pet hair and dander but one that can hold up to extra use as well. Be sure to vacuum the dogs' sleeping areas regularly, not only to pick up the hair but to left the fibers and prevent these areas from being flattened.

3. Stock up on white vinegar.

If your dogs do have accidents, blotting the area with white vinegar can help neutralize the urine scent and prevent permanent staining. You can then go over the area with a pet-safe carpet cleaner.

4. Get some pet mats.

If dog hair builds up on their favorite sleeping spots, or if there is an area where they urinate repeatedly despite your efforts to remove the scent, try covering the carpeting with mats. Carpet remnants that match or compliment the existing carpeting can look neat and tidy and can also be rolled up and removed for professional cleaning. Most carpet stores can bind the remnants for a minimal charge. The mats will look neater, and there won't be any loose fibers for the dog to pull or chew on.

5. Let the sun in.

Sunlight is a great deodorizer, so open the blinds, pull back the drapes and let the sunlight shine on the carpets occasionally. If outdoor allergies or pollution aren't an issue, letting some fresh air in with the sunlight can help release pet odors from carpeting. 

6. Get a professional cleaning.

Home carpet cleaning products and methods can't really match the power of professional carpet cleaning equipment, so have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year. Most carpet cleaning services offer pet-safe methods and products such as non-toxic shampoos for your dogs' safety.  

Having multiple dogs can be hard on carpets, but there are some things you can do minimize stains and odors. However, you'll eventually need a professional cleaning to counteract the wear and tear and keep your carpeting in good shape. Talk to a carpet care professional (such as one from Jay's Carpet Cleaning) about the best treatment for high pet traffic areas, soiled areas and cleaning methods that will keep your dogs healthy.