A Simple And Effective Way To Clean Your Laminate Floors

Laminate floors can give you the look of wood at a much lower cost. They are also easier to care for, but there are a few things to consider and a few precautions to take to ensure that your floor stands the test of time.

Sweep Regularly

Leaving dirt and debris to build up can cause scratches that dull your laminate flooring. Using a standard floor brush can also cause damage. It's best to use a dry dust mop, but a vacuum with soft bristles is fine and removes any debris from the cracks between the tiles easily. You can also remove dirt from the cracks by sweeping in the direction that the floor was laid.

Don't Allow Standing Liquid on the Floor

Leaving liquid on the laminate tiles for a long periods can damage the protective sealant layer on top. Once this layer is gone, liquid can seep into the top laminate layer and destroy the glue holding it to the base, causing warping and buckling. Immediately soak up any liquid with a dry cloth, then clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Dry the spot thoroughly afterward with another soft, dry cloth, such as chamois, to remove all dampness.

Clean The Entire Floor as Needed

If you have kids and animals running in and out of your house, you will need to clean your floors more often. A good monthly cleaning is beneficial to remove any residues or dirt that spot cleaning left behind. All you really need to clean a laminate floor is hot water. A sponge mop is best, since it is easier to control the moisture level. Make sure the mop is just damp, not sopping wet. Give your floor a thorough once-over, rinsing and wringing the mop a few times during the process. Dry the floor thoroughly after mopping.

Remove Remaining Residue with Vinegar

No matter how well you mop, there will be a residue left on your floor that can cause it to look dull or streaky. Vinegar removes the residue and leaves your floor shining. The process is slow and time consuming, but well worth it. Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar into a 32 oz. spray bottle. Spray sections no larger than 1-foot square and use a soft, dry cloth, such as microfiber, to wipe the solution up immediately so as not to damage the protective coating.

For a beautiful, shiny laminate floor, regular sweeping and cleaning is essential. It's very important not to let water sit on the floor, so clean up any spills immediately and dry the floor thoroughly after mopping. By using the proper cleaning techniques, you can avoid peeling, warping, blistering and a dull finish. If you aren't comfortable cleaning the whole floor yourself, arrange a regular visit by a local house cleaning specialist.

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