Just Quit Smoking? Get Carpet Cleaning Services To Eliminate The Smell In Your Home

Smoking is a tough habit to break, especially when you have been smoking for a rather long time. But, at the same time, this can make kicking the habit incredibly rewarding. One problem is that your past habit can linger around because your home may not start smelling better until you take action. It is essential to give almost everything a thorough cleaning before you are able to fully eliminate this undesirable odor. Hiring professional carpet cleaners should be able to clean most of what you need to have cleaned.


The primary service that you will want to use their services for is carpet cleaning. As long as your smoking habit did not cause any burn marks or staining on the carpet, you should not worry about major cost increases. It may be necessary to pay for deodorizing to take care of areas where the scent is strong. Once you have this finished, you can look forward to another cleaning in 12 to 18 months.


Although not all carpet cleaning professionals offer furniture cleaning services, it is not uncommon. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $196 to get a sofa cleaned to the point where it no longer smells. This is when you should decide whether you want to keep the furniture in the home, or just buy new. For pieces that are antique or that you spent a decent chunk of change on, the cleaning is likely worthwhile. Recliners, padded chairs, and ottomans are a few other furniture pieces you might want to clean.

Window Treatments

Carpet and furniture cleaning are the most common services that you will find with these professionals, but window treatments such as drapery and curtains may also be included. If so, you can get an expert cleaning of just about everything that has fabric inside your home. Another option is to replace the treatments, but you may have some pieces that are no longer for sale and you really want to keep.

After getting these three services, you should only have to worry about getting the scent off the walls. Hiring a carpet cleaner for these services will allow you to handle everything at one time. It will make it easier to continue to refrain from smoking when you do not have to smell it whenever you are home. Professional help with the cleaning will also ensure you end up with a clean smelling home.