Worried About The Floors In Your New Home? How To Keep Your Tile Floors Looking Brand New

If you're going to be installing tile floors in your new home, you'll want to make sure they stay as clean as possible. The last thing you want is to have your new tile floor start showing signs of age before it's time. Luckily, it doesn't take too much work to keep your tile floors looking brand new. It just requires some dedication and a good cleaning routine. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure a long, beautiful life for your tile floor.

Sweep Floors Daily

When it comes to the care of your tile floor, there's one thing you should do at least once a day, and it involves sweeping. To keep your tile floor in good shape, you need to sweep them at least once a day. You might not realize this, but even small amounts of dirt and crumbs can wreak havoc on your tiles. First, the crumbs and dirt can get ground into the grout, leaving stains and discoloration. Second, those crumbs and granules of dirt can scratch up the surface of your tiles every time you walk on them. To avoid that type of damage, you'll need to sweep your floors as often as possible.

Don't Let Spills Sit

Now that you're going to have a tile floor, you should know that spills can destroy the appearance of your fresh grout. This is particularly true if you've decided to go with a light-colored grout. Spills like coffee, tea, and fruit punches, can cause serious stains on your new grout. Unfortunately, once stains have set into the grout, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of. In fact, once stains have set into the grout, it may be necessary to re-grout your floor. To avoid the expense and hassle of re-grouting your tile floor, never let spill sit. Wipe spills up with a damp cloth or sponge as soon as they occur.

Invest in a Steam Mop

Mopping your tile floor is a good way to keep it clean. However, if you want to keep it clean and sanitized, you'll need to invest in a steam mop. A steam mop will clean your tile floor and remove germs and bacteria, including the ones that are stuck in the grout. Once you have your steam mop, you should use it at least once a week to keep your floor looking its best.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning

In addition to the daily and weekly care you'll provide your tile floor with, you should also be sure to schedule a deep cleaning. Having your tile floor professionally cleaned at least twice a year will help keep it in tiptop shape. Be sure to choose a cleaning service that has experience caring for tile floors.

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