Starting A Dog Boarding Business? Tips To Keep The Commercial Facility Clean

A dog boarding facility can present a unique cleaning challenge for new business owners. Besides cleaning typical commercial office areas, like your front desk, you need to be on top of canine areas, such as the yard and kennels. Here's a few tips so you don't get overwhelmed with cleaning tasks.

Choose the Right Flooring

Keep carpet to a minimum in your business. Office areas can have it, but areas with dogs should be easy to sweep or wipe down. Any dog runs or kennels should have concrete floors with sealant, like epoxy or polyurethane. A good sealant will make cleaning so much easier since it can provide an extra barrier to pathogens and moisture—meaning urine stains won't set in and cause foul odors.

Hire Janitorial Services

A janitorial service can be invaluable to a dog boarding facility—especially if you are short-staffed. Since many janitorial businesses service medical facilities, they will know how to properly disinfect food and water bowls, kennels, crates, etc.

Dog urine and spilled water bowls can cause mildew and mold, but janitorial services can eradicate these problems with the proper chemicals. A janitorial service can also make sure that their workers are using cleaning products that will be eco-friendly and safe around pets.

Install HEPA Filters in the HVAC System

High-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters can remove about 99 percent of all particles that run through them. Because these filters will greatly purify the air in your offices, you won't have to worry as much about dog dander and hair shedding floating around. These filters can make your facility more comfortable for employees or customers with allergies to canines or dust mites. The HEPA filters will also make it easier to dust and vacuum since less dander and hair will be everywhere.

Make Sure Employees Know Where SDS Sheets are Located

If you are only able to have janitors come occasionally, then you will need to train your staff on how to use chemicals for cleaning. It's important that your facility compiles a safety data sheet (SDS) binder. Safety data sheets are invaluable because they will tell your employees how to:

  • safely use and store cleaning products
  • safely mix cleanings products
  • react if a cleaning product spills react if a cleaning product damages eyes, skin, etc.

SDS sheets should be provided by the manufacturer of the cleaning product, so you don't have to go out of your way to put these together.

Stay on Top of Yard Waste

Although your facility's fenced yard may only be used for dogs so they can play and do their business, it's still important to de-poop the area every day. Dog waste is a pollutant, and the CDC says that these droppings can cause diseases, like hookworms, that pets can then pass on to their owners. It's also important to de-poop the yard so that dogs don't end up tracking any debris or odor back inside your facility. Your business will also make a better impression on potential customers who pass by. Invest in a pooper-scooper set, which contains a spade and a shovel, so that you can save your back from bending down. Comb the yard at the end of the day once all of the boarders are kenneled.

Keep a Washing Machine and Dryer on the Premises

You will need to do basic cleaning every day since unclean boarding facilities make it easier for dogs to contract kennel cough and other infections. You will have to change out dirty rags, chew toys, bedding, etc. every day. Instead of taking these soiled linens home or to another business, it's easier to just have a washing machine and dryer at the facility so your employees don't have to make trips off-site.

Keep all these tips in mind so that you can stay on top of cleaning. Contact a janitorial service in your area for more help.