What to Expect When Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services

If it's been a long time since you've cleaned your air ducts or if you've never done it and you're feeling like it may be time, you may be wondering what to expect. Hiring an air duct cleaning service is recommended as it can save you time and work and they will do a much better job than if you were to attempt to do it on your own. This service can offer many benefits for your home and family. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when hiring an air duct cleaning company:

How to Prepare for the Cleaning Appointment

Before the air duct cleaning company arrives at your home, you want to make sure that you prepare your home so they can do their job easily. You should clear a path between all air vents in your home. Move furniture out of the way and make sure they have space to work. You should also make sure there's nothing in the way of the HVAC system itself. You may want to place a few sheets over any furniture that is nearby vents so they don't get dusty or dirty, but many companies will also bring cloth for this reasoning, too. You can ask your chosen company before they arrive. 

Know What They Do During the Cleaning Process

For starters, the cleaning professional will do a visual check to see what kind of condition your ducts are in. They can determine if anything special needs to be done or if they can continue as planned. The duct cleaning professional will then clean in and around the HVAC system and make sure that the areas that connect your HVAC system to your duct systems are cleaned out well.  They will use vacuums and cleaning brushes to properly clean everything out. They will also carefully seal up all access holes when they're finished with all of the cleaning. 

As for how long the service takes, it can take a few hours. On average, you can expect a duct cleaning company to be at your home for 3 to 4 hours. If you have a very large home, it will take longer for the cleaning process to be complete.

If you have any specific questions or want to know what your chosen company will do during their appointment, you can ask for a cleaning checklist. If you want to improve your home's air quality and breathe in cleaner air, contact a duct cleaning service to schedule an appointment.