Cleaning Help For Aging In Place Adults

If your loved one doesn't like the idea of living in a residential facility, they may choose to age in place, or remain at their home as they grow older. But if your elderly parent isn't as independent as they used to be, you may wonder if it's a good idea for them to stay at home. One of the concerns you may have about your loved one's decision to age in place is housekeeping. You can help your elderly parent maintain their independence with the housekeeping tips below.

Ask Your Loved One to Do Light Duty Chores

If your loved one is used to doing their own housekeeping, they may wish to continue doing so now. However, not all household duties or chores are easy to do. Some chores, such as handling large loads of laundry or cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, may require a lot of time to do. The chores may also require your loved one to bend, stoop, or lift something heavy. 

If you ask your loved one to do light duty chores, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming, they may feel better about their situation. You may be able to find some creative ways or hacks to make cleaning fun and easier for your elderly parent.

You can also ask a neighborhood cleaning club or housekeeping company to help your loved one with their most difficult chores.

Ask a Neighborhood Cleaning Club for Help

Neighborhood cleaning clubs and other house cleaning professionals can complete the heaviest jobs around your loved one's home. Some of the cleaning duties clubs and cleaners provide include:

  • laundry 
  • window cleaning
  • light carpet cleaning

Be sure to speak directly with a club member or cleaner before you sign up for services. You want to provide a member or cleaner with the duties or chores your loved one needs to be completed around home. If your loved one owns a pet, ask a club member or cleaner whether or not they offer pet feeding, litter box cleaning, and bathing services. Some companies and clubs do take care of their clients' pets for them.

In addition, you may need to pick a cleaning schedule for your loved one. Try to choose days that don't interfere with your elderly parent's own cleaning schedule. You can always change the schedule to suit the needs of your loved one.

For more information on obtaining cleaning services for your elderly parent, reach out to a company like TNAG Cleaning Services.