Commercial Hotspots: How Do You Disinfect Them?

Viruses and other contaminants lurk on just about any surface in your building. Good cleaning practices can help you remove most of the organisms in your building. However, you might not be able to clean some areas, or hotspots, inside and outside your business thoroughly on your own. Learn more about hotspots and how to disinfect them thoroughly with the information below.

What Are Common Hotspots in Buildings?

Many types of germs and viruses frequent places or objects within your establishment. The organisms tend to live on things visitors or shoppers touch or use the most, such as countertops, doorknobs, self-serve coffee stations, and shopping carts. Restrooms, food counters, and computer keyboards are other potential hotspots within your building.

Hotspots can crop up at any time, especially during busy store hours and holidays. Although many people wash their hands prior to entering your building, some individuals may not clean their hands thoroughly after they use the bathroom or blow their nose. If a large number of people touch the same surfaces throughout the day, the surfaces in and out of your building can become infested with germs. 

You may need to use more than traditional cleaning or sanitizing products to keep your building clean. You may need to disinfect your building as well.

How Do You Clean Hotspots Thoroughly?

When you disinfect something, you go beyond simply sanitizing it. Sanitizing products cut down or reduce the number of contaminants in your building. Although sanitized surfaces are generally safe to use or touch, they may still harbor enough contaminants to make someone sick. Disinfecting a building allows you to remove all potentially harmful organisms from it.

In order to disinfect your building inside and out, you'll need to employ the help of a disinfection services company. A disinfection company may disinfect your building with antiviral treatments, antibacterial sprays, and antimicrobial cleansers. Some disinfectants are strong enough to destroy multiple organisms all at once.

A disinfection company will generally create a disinfectant plan before they clean your building. The plan may include a list of every potential hotspot in your building, including places you might not expect germs to be. Some organisms can spread via the air when you cough, sneeze, or talk, which allows them to travel almost anywhere in a building.

The hidden hotspots in your building may include the:

  • spaces behind your counters
  • crevices and cracks around your products and shelves or workstations
  • niches and baseboards between your walls and floors

After a cleaning service provider disinfects your building, they'll recommend other things you might do to keep contamination down.

Call a disinfection company today to learn how you can disinfect your building properly.