Radon Home Testing: It's A Thing And You Need To Have It Done

If you think radon home testing is just for homes built near nuclear plants or in areas of heavy concern, guess again. A radon home inspection is necessary for nearly every home, and your home may be due.

Learn why radon home testing is a thing and very relevant and why you need to have it done. Radon home testing costs around $125 or more, and the price is based on the size of your home and where you live if you choose to explore this option for yourself. You may need to get a radon home inspection done whether you have lived in your home for many years or you've just bought your property, and here's why.

Your home is at risk

Your home has an almost one in 15 chance of having elevated levels of radon that are a concern, according to the EPA. It doesn't matter where your home is located, how new or old the property is, or even what type of home you have. Radon is found naturally in the earth's soil and can be found in dangerous levels in many homes, and yours may be one of them. Have radon home testing done to help prevent your family from being exposed to prolonged levels of radon, which can be linked to serious health concerns or even death.

Your home can be protected

Radon is found naturally in the earth and can be prevented from accumulating in high levels in your home once you realize you have the potential of high radon in your property. If you have radon home testing done, you have taken the first step in preventing radon from damaging your family. Radon gas seeps into the home via crevices and openings in the home, and proper room ventilation and sealing cracks and vents can help keep radon at bay.

Your home and surrounding property will be tested by a radon home inspection specialist to help you determine if your radon levels are appropriate in your home. If you've had a radon test done in the past, have a new one done to compare previous radon levels with current ones.

Your family can be safe

If you're aware of the risk of radon exposure your home has, you're more likely to protect your family against the lung disease and other issues radon poisoning over time causes. Your family won't be protected unless you know you have higher levels of radon in your home and you do something about reducing it. This can all be accomplished via having radon home testing done; schedule your appointment today.