5 Signs That Mean You Need Carpet Cleaning Services

A clean carpet can completely transform the feel of any room, from an office to the living room or even your bedroom. Over time, however, carpeting gets soiled by regular wear and tear that can show in stains and other unsightly blemishes. If you want to keep your carpets looking their best, it's important to know when to call in professional carpet cleaning services so you don't damage your floor with improper upkeep or bad DIY attempts. Here are several ways to tell that you need to call a carpet cleaning service.

1. If the Stains Are Old and Stubborn

Time can make stains more difficult to remove, so if you have an older carpet with stubborn stains, there's probably no way you'll be able to get them out without professional cleaning materials and know-how. To make sure your carpets regain their beautiful colors, just hire carpet cleaning services.

2. If There Are Different Colored Stains

A carpet in a busy home will collect stains from different substances: coffee, juices, pen ink, wine, pet urine, etc. These stains will look and sometimes smell different, making your carpet unsightly. Different stains require different stain removal tactics, making it very difficult to treat a heavily stained carpet. Hand it over to professional carpet cleaners who have better know-how in stain removal. 

3. If It Smells Bad Even After Vacuuming

Dandruff, dead skin cells, pet dander, food, and drink spills can build up in your carpeting, making for an unpleasant smell if you don't clean them out regularly. Sometimes regular vacuuming doesn't get rid of these odors. But carpet cleaning professionals with carpet extractors and special detergents are best at clearing away deeply embedded grime to leave your carpet smelling fresh. 

4. If the Fiber Feels Rough

If you run your hand over your carpet and it feels more like wood than fabric, it's probably too dirty for do-it-yourself cleaning. Your best option is steam cleaning, which would fall under a professional carpet cleaner's purview.

5. If the Carpet Is Made of Exotic Fibers

There are plenty of beautiful, luxurious carpet options with exotic fibers like sheep's wool. Exotic carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned because they are easily damaged by harsh detergents or improper cleaning tools and methods. It is better to leave these carpets to pro carpet cleaning services with experience in handling them.

A dirty, smelly carpet can give a bad image of your home, so you need to ensure your carpets are always clean and free of odors. Call carpet cleaning services to learn more.