Do You Need To Have Lead Testing Done On Your New Home?

Your new home may have lead in it, and this can be potentially detrimental to someone living in your house. Remember, your home may not have been tested for lead already. Lead is not something a home inspector actively looks for, so don't rely on a thorough home inspection to determine if your home had lead or not. A lead testing company will thoroughly test your home for lead and this service costs up to $600. You may be able to buy home lead testing kits for cheaper, although you'll have to buy several to test your entire home.

Before you move in, you should consider having lead testing done, especially if any of the following apply to you. 

Your home is older

The older your home is, the more likely the house is to have lead-based paint or other lead in it. Most homes built before 1978 have lead paint in them and lead paint can be very dangerous to some members of your family. If your home is an older home, it likely has paint that is not safe in it. This is true even if your home has been remodeled at some point.

Your home has never been tested for lead

There may be lead in your home in more ways than one. Unless you have the clear history of your home in your home buyer report—ask your real estate agent or refer to city records to find out—odds are your home has never been fully tested for lead. You may not have lead in your walls, but lead pipes and other sources can also increase your home's likelihood of having lead in it.

Get your home's lead testing done, just to be on the safe side. An all-clear lead report gives you peace of mind and can be kept as a personal and public record for when you sell your home in the future. If levels of lead are detected, a lead testing and removal company will take care of your property.

Your home has smaller children in it

The developmental growth of children is what creates a concern in a home with lead in it. Children who consume lead-laden water, eat a paint chip with lead in it, or otherwise are exposed to lead for prolonged periods of time can be in danger. A lead test should be done on all children in the home as well as home lead testing.