2 Things You Didn't Know Needed Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is often thought of as a hassle — something that is time-consuming and expensive. However, dry cleaning can be a lifesaver for certain items in your wardrobe. Here are two things that need dry cleaning to remain in tip-top shape.

Delicate Fabrics

Delicate fabrics require extra care when cleaning to prevent damage. Dry cleaning is a process that uses little or no water to clean clothes and other textiles. A dry-cleaning machine looks like a standard washing machine, but it has a closed chamber that keeps the solvents from evaporating. 

There are several reasons why delicate fabrics require dry cleaning. First, the solvent used in dry cleaning is less likely to cause shrinkage than water. The dry-cleaning process uses little or no water, so your clothes won't be exposed to the same amount of moisture. And with less moisture, your delicate clothes are less likely to experience shrinkage.

Second, dry cleaning helps prevent fading and color loss. The dry-cleaning process uses little or no water, which means colors are less likely to bleed and run.

Finally, dry cleaning can remove stubborn stains that cannot be removed with water. Since dry cleaning uses a solvent instead of water, it can dissolve oils and other tough stains that water cannot remove.

If you have any garments made of delicate fabrics, it is best to dry clean them to prevent damage. By dry cleaning your delicate garments, you can keep them looking new and help them last longer.

Embellished Clothing

Most people are often curious why their embellished clothing needs to be handled with care. After all, surely it can just be thrown in the wash like everything else? 

Unfortunately, it's more complicated. Embellished clothing often has sequins, beads, and other decorative items that can become damaged in the washing machine. The agitation from the washing machine can cause these embellishments to come loose, become damaged, or even fall off completely.

Washing machines are just one of the things you need to be careful of. Dryers can also damage embellishments. The heat from the dryer can cause sequins and beads to melt, warp, or become misshapen.

To avoid damage, it is best to dry clean your embellished clothing. The dry cleaning process is gentler on these items and will help them last longer. With the right care, you can keep your embellished clothing looking new for years to come.

Contact your local dry cleaning delivery service if you have any questions about whether or not your clothing needs dry cleaning. They can help you determine if your clothes need to be dry cleaned and which dry cleaning process is best for your items.