5 Signs Your Property Is Being Used As A Meth Lab

A landlord's worst nightmare is having a property used to manufacture meth. Not only will the property be trashed, but it can also be rendered unlivable due to contamination. Testing the property for meth can help you evict the tenants and begin cleanup, so it's important to know what signs indicate it's time to schedule meth lab testing. 

1. Manufacturing Waste

Many of the ingredients used in making drugs are everyday household items. Their presence should only raise red flags if there are multiple common ingredients present in quantity. Items like antifreeze, over-the-counter cough, and cold remedies, drain openers, acetone, and other hazardous chemicals. If you notice a large store of these items or their empty containers in the garbage, then you may have a problem. 

2. Lab Equipment

Along with ingredients, there may be some odd-looking things that are typically used for making meth. Red-stained coffee filters or filtration cloth are common paraphernalia to find on-site. Jars and containers with rubber stoppers and attached hoses are also required components when making meth. There may even be beakers and other common types of glassware that are rarely seen outside of a lab setting.

3. Access Issues

Access will likely be difficult, even for you, the property owner. If drugs are being made on the premises, expect to find surveillance cameras around the property. Windows will be covered tightly, possibly with paper or bags taped over the glass, so no one can look in. Tenants may try to avoid routine property inspections or scheduled maintenance appointments. 

4. Strange Odors

A key sign that something is amiss is strange odors lingering about the property. Easily recognizable odors associated with meth labs include sulfur or rotten eggs, urine and ammonia smells, or odors of chemicals or paint thinners. Neighbors of the property can provide further clues about odors if you are able to talk to them. There may be neighborhood complaints of headaches, respiratory irritation, or skin rashes due to the odors from the house. 

5. Odd Traffic

There will be a lot of visitors to a property that is being used for making drugs in the form of buyers or dealers. If you watch the property you will notice varied vehicles and foot traffic arriving at all times of the day or night. When drugs are being sold, these visits tend to be short so people are constantly coming and going. In some cases, people don't enter the house but instead, people come out and hand over packages to the waiting visitors. 

Contact a commercial meth lab testing service if you notice any of the above signs when touring your rental properties.