Considering Pressure Washing Your Home? Use Soft Washing Instead

If you are planning to pressure wash your home to clean the siding, driveway, and more, you should consider using house soft washing instead. Below is information on what this is, things you can clean with soft washing, and the benefits of choosing this. A soft washer uses lower pressure when compared to a standard pressure washer. This cleaning method works just as well, however. Keep reading to learn more about this method. 

What You Can Clean with Soft Washing

You may be surprised to learn what you can clean with a soft washer. You can use it to clean your roofing shingles, glass doors, windows, screens, vinyl siding, cement driveway, wood panel siding, stucco, and outdoor furniture.

Benefits of Using Soft Washing

One benefit of soft washing is you can reach higher places than a standard pressure washer can. This allows you to clean without having to use scaffolding, extension poles, or ladders. This would be needing to clean things like gutters and the roof. 

With soft washing, you will not have to worry about damaging your home's siding or other exterior materials. If you use a pressure washer on things like glass, the glass can break. With a soft washing machine, you do not have to worry about this. A soft washer would not remove granules from a roof as a regular soft washer can.

When using a standard pressure washer, having high pressure means you have to hold the pressure washer close to the object you are cleaning. This puts extra work on your hands, arms, and back. With soft washing, the pressure is much lower, so you do not have to worry about this extra pressure on you. When cleaning your roof or gutters, it is much safer to do this from the ground. 

You will find your things stay cleaner longer, so this can save you a lot of time cleaning. This is because you can use bleach in a soft washer to remove things like moss or algae from a roof or mold and mildew from different areas of your home. The bleach also kills mold spores, algae, and moss so they will not come back again. You cannot use bleach in a pressure washer as it would cause damage. 

If you have a lot of things to clean around your home, you should consider hiring a soft pressure washing company. They will send a contractor to your home to do the cleaning for you. 

For more information about house soft washing, contact a local company.