Down And Dirty: Hiring A Cleaning Crew For Your Home

Who wants to spend their entire day cleaning the house? That's right, nobody! Luckily, professional cleaning crews are available to take care of all the dirty work and allow you to finally enjoy a clean house. Here are just a few things to consider when thinking about bringing on a cleaning crew into your home.  

Results You Will Love

Hiring a professional cleaning crew into your home is the perfect opportunity to finally get your house in the pristine condition you've always dreamed of! Leave the hard work to full-trained professionals who know what they're doing and take some much-needed you time! If you've simply fallen behind on housework or are about to host a get-together in your home, a cleaning crew will ensure that your living space looks and feels great. Many cleaning companies also offer a satisfaction guarantee so if there are any areas that you feel weren't cleaned well enough, the cleaning crew will work to ensure it is up to your standards. 

The Cleaning Process

Professional cleaning is a breeze! With cleaners bringing in their own equipment and cleaning products, you'll have a sparkling home in no time. Assume that for each room to be cleaned, you'll give about an hour's worth of time to the cleaners. So if you have a four-bedroom home, you can expect your estimated cleaning time to be around four hours. Extra time may be added for living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms as well. When booking your cleaning appointment, you'll get an estimated cleaning time depending on the size of your home so just be sure to have this information handy. 

​When It Comes to Your Pets

When booking your appointment, let your cleaners know that you have pets. Most cleaning companies offer products that are pet and child-friendly, ensuring that you are left with a sparkling-clean home that is free of toxic or harmful chemicals. Extra care can also be given to areas such as carpets that acquire a lot of furry-foot traffic or fabric that might be prone to attracting your pet's hair. When your cleaners arrive, it's best to keep your pets out of the way. This will guarantee your cleaning crew has plenty of room to move around without disturbing your pets. If you are unable to take your pets out of the home while the crew is working, placing them in a secured kennel will do just fine. 

Contact a local cleaning company, such as ACS Cleaning Services, to learn more.