3 Different Carpet Cleaning Techniques For Your Home Or Office

Carpets add warmth and beauty to your indoor spaces. However, a dirty carpet can be unsightly, not to mention that it could harbor dust and other contaminants. Therefore, you must regularly clean your carpet to improve its appearance and longevity. 

Depending on the dirt intensity, budget, and preference, you can use different carpet cleaning methods. Professional carpet cleaners can recommend any of the following cleaning methods. 

Steam Carpet Cleaning 

This method is also called the hot water extraction cleaning method and is a favorite among professional carpet cleaners. The cleaners will use high-pressure hot water to penetrate your carpet's fiber and dissolve all the dust, dirt, and debris. 

If you have stubborn soiled stains on your carpet, the expert will use steam carpet cleaning on that stain. The cleaner will apply a cleaning agent on the stain, scrub the area with a soft brush, then rinse off the dirt with steam. 

After cleaning your carpet, they may recommend you leave it to dry at room temperature. An average carpet takes 12-24 hours to dry, so it's best to leave it to dry overnight or when there's no one at home. 

Carpet Encapsulation

A carpet cleaner can also use encapsulation to clean your carpet and leave it looking as good as new. The cleaner will use a synthetic detergent to encapsulate the dirt particles. The detergent will crystallize into powder when it dries and locks in the dirt in the crystals. 

The expert will use high-grade vacuum cleaners to suck in the crystallized particles. They can also brush off the particles or use both a vacuum and brush to remove all the particles on your carpet. 

The encapsulating technique took over carpet shampooing for the following reasons: 

  • Carpet shampooing leaves wet foam residue on your carpet, which takes longer to dry
  • Your carpet will be unpleasantly sticky after shampooing 
  • A shampooed carpet collects dirt faster 

Carpet encapsulation lets your carpet dry fast because you'll use less water, and it has less chemical residue. These features make this carpet cleaning method environmentally friendly because you use less water. 

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning 

Use the bonnet cleaning technique if your carpet doesn't have tough stains and only needs a quick, effective cleaning method. This technique is ideal for hotels and other commercial properties whose carpets need regular cleaning. 

With this technique, your carpet cleaners clean the top of your carpet with a heavy-duty machine. The machine has a spinning pad loaded with cleaning detergent to remove dirt and debris from the carpet. The main advantage of this cleaning technique is that you use less moisture, so your carpets will dry up fast.  

For more information on residential carpet cleaning, contact a professional near you.