Six Things Not To Do When It Comes To Wedding Gown Preservation

It's important to preserve your wedding gown so that you can enjoy it for years to come as a memento of your wedding day. Unfortunately, some brides do things they shouldn't when it comes to wedding gown preservation.

The following are six things not to do when it comes to wedding gown preservation. 

Attempting to remove a stain from your wedding gown

Using common stain removal methods on your own is not a good idea when it comes to your wedding dress. If you try to remove a stain on your wedding dress by yourself, you might end up causing damage.

Rubbing your wedding dress or using potentially harsh substances like bleach or vinegar on it can easily damage fragile materials. A wedding gown preservation service can determine the right stain removal method that won't cause any damage. 

Procrastinating about wedding gown preservation

The sooner you make efforts to preserve your wedding gown, the more effective wedding gown preservation will be. You shouldn't wait a long time to hire a wedding gown preservation service. Your wedding gown can age and potentially become irreparably damaged while you're waiting to have the preservation service done. 

Getting your wedding gown cleaned by a service that doesn't specialize in wedding gown preservation

Many people want to have their wedding gown cleaned before they have it preserved. It's important to realize that your wedding gown preservation service should also take care of cleanings for you. Hiring a laundry cleaning service that does not specialize in gown preservation to clean your wedding gown could result in damage. 

Allowing your wedding gown to become wrinkled

Be sure to properly hang your wedding gown up after the big day so that it doesn't become wrinkled. Wrinkles in your wedding gown can create added challenges when you're trying to preserve your wedding gown's condition. 

Storing your wedding gown in a place without climate control

Temperature extremes, sunlight, and humidity are a few of the biggest factors that can detract from the condition of a wedding gown over time. That's why you should never store your wedding gown in an attic, basement, or storage unit that does not have any climate control features. 

Trying to clean and preserve your wedding gown yourself

If you want the best possible results, you should rely on professionals for wedding gown preservation. A professional wedding gown preservation service can determine the optimum preservation process for your wedding gown's unique materials and design. 

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