Need To Pressure Wash Your House? 4 Additional Features To Deep Clean

As time passes, your home will pick up enough dirt and grime that you cannot clean off with a spray hose. This can happen especially during the colder months when you find the outside temperature too cold to invest much time into cleaning. An excellent solution is to hire a pressure washing company because professionals can make your home exterior look spotless. Along with cleaning your home, you can learn about some other features on your property to deep clean with residential pressure washing services.

Do You Need To Have Lead Testing Done On Your New Home?

Your new home may have lead in it, and this can be potentially detrimental to someone living in your house. Remember, your home may not have been tested for lead already. Lead is not something a home inspector actively looks for, so don't rely on a thorough home inspection to determine if your home had lead or not. A lead testing company will thoroughly test your home for lead and this service costs up to $600.

Advantages Of Commercial Pressure Washing

Washing building exteriors, curbs, parking lots, and fences using a scrubber and a bucket of soapy water is a time-consuming process. That is why pressure washing is the ideal solution since it can remove debris, dirt, and grime from most surfaces. However, it is advisable to hire a professional to handle the task since they have the expertise to use pressure washing equipment properly. Doing it yourself can cause damage to your property or fail to clean it thoroughly.

How Do You Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Carpet When You're Steam Cleaning It?

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to remove stains and dirt from your carpets without damaging them. However, using water to clean your carpets carries the risk that mold will start to grow on them. Mold will grow anywhere with moisture and a food source, and mold will eat the organic material in carpet padding. If you're planning on steam cleaning your carpet on your own, read on to learn how you can reduce the risk of mold growth after you've finished steam cleaning it.

Benefits Of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen or extractor hoods are devices set up at the top of your cooking stove and direct contaminated air away from the kitchen to the outdoors or filter units for recycling. Given the critical role of a kitchen hood, the law requires that you install an extractor hood in your commercial kitchen. However, kitchen hoods require regular maintenance to ensure proper performance. One essential maintenance practice is hood cleaning. Here are the pros of restaurant kitchen hood cleaning.