Building A House? 3 Reasons To Install A Central Vacuum System

If you're building a home, you want to include everything to make your life easier. If you haven't added a central vacuum system to the list, now's the time to do that. A central vacuum gives you an efficient way to keep your house clean. One of the benefits is that they're easy to maintain. But, there are other benefits as well. If you're not sure a central vacuum system is the right investment to make, read the list below. Here are three reasons to install a central vacuum in your new home.   

Enhanced Cleaning

If you're still using a standard canister vacuum, you could be working harder than you need to. Most canister vacuums don't have enough suction power to remove dirt and allergens. That's where a central vacuum system comes into the picture. Central vacuum systems have increased suction power. That means your new vacuum will remove dirt, pet dander, and dust mites from the carpet fibers. Deeper cleaning also means you won't have the dander and allergens floating around in the air. So, you'll enjoy better air quality. 

Convenient to Use

If you're tired of dragging a canister vacuum around the house, it's time for a change. With canister vacuums, you need to carry it around the house to get the floors clean. If you have a multi-story home, you need to carry your vacuum up and down the stairs. Or, you need to invest in two vacuums. One for upstairs, and one for downstairs. When you install a central vacuum, you won't need to worry about any of that. Central vacuum systems have wall inlet valves throughout the house. All you need to do is attach the hose to the inlet, and you'll have suction at your fingertips. Plus, you won't need to search for a power outlet. With a central vacuum system, all the power comes from the main system. 

Quiet Operation

If your children or pets are afraid of vacuum noise, now's the time to install a central vacuum system. It's not uncommon for children and pets to be upset by loud noises. Unfortunately, canister vacuums can get pretty loud. That's where a central vacuum system becomes beneficial. Central vacuum systems don't get installed in the main living quarters of the house. Instead, they get tucked away in the attic or crawlspace. That means you won't need to deal with loud noises when you clean your house. 

Contact a local supplier, such as a Beam central vacuum dealer, to learn more.